Training Session Border Controller (SBC) Essential Architecture and Operations


Session Border Controllers (SBCs) are a major part of Voice and Video networks used by Mobile, UCaaS, and other Service Providers. Learn the purposes of SBCs, how they relate to other call routing and security components. Discover how bad actors (hackers) attack networks and how SBCs are deployed to mitigate the risk. You'll see how they address NAT issues with a detailed look at IP addresses and port numbers, and are used for SIP Peering (Network-to-Network Interface, NNI) connections. This material applies to Oracle Acme Packet SBCs, Sansay, Metaswitch Perimeta, Ribbon, Audiocodes, and others. Graded Exams; Certificate provided. 1 class session / 2 PDH.

In-Person Training

On-site training at your location



Course Content

Classic Service Provider Components

  • Users
  • Voice Calling Platform
    • Application Server
    • Media Server
  • PSTN Assessibility
    • TDM Gateway
    • SIP-PSTN Access Service Provider
  • Voicemail Servers
  • Web Portal
  • SIP UA Server
  • Security/Vulerability Protection
    • Data Firewalls
    • SIP UA Configurations
  • NAT 

SBC Features

  • VoIP Core Protection
  • Hosted NAT Traversal (HNT) 
  • VoIP Peering
  • Security/Vulerability Protection
    • Between VoIP Core and CPE
    • RTP
    • Security Policy
    • DoS/DDoS and Overloads

NAT, Firewalls, and SIP Peering

  • NAT and Firewalls
    • Firewall vs. SBC
    • NAT and VoIP
    • SIP to NAT Friendliness 
    • SDP
    • Registration pinhole
    • Silence Suppression
    • Early Media and PSTN Ringback
  • SIP Peering
    • Static IP-address-based Peering 

Non-Registering Devices

Network Design Issue in the VoIP Core

  • RFC 1918
  • Public IPs