Training Sansay VSXi Session Border Controller - Operations & Troubleshooting


The Sansay VSXi Session Border Controller (SBC) is a powerful platform used by Voice Service Providers globally. Once the SBC is setup and running, you need to know how to monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot customer issues. This course equips you to understand whether your system is working overall, understand behavior and meaning of statistics for peerings and for SIP Registering devices (for UC / PBX). Be prepared to operate and troubleshoot advanced customer and carrier problems. Graded Exams, Certificate Provided. 1 week / 2 class sessions / 4 PDH.

In-Person Training

On-site training at your location


This class equips you to answer many of your burning Sansay questions. A sampling of a few:
  • Is my user even registered?
  • Why is registration failing?
  • How are calls for one customer going?
  • Why did one particular call fail?
  • How was audio on one particular call?
  • Is the HA standby operational and ready to take over?
  • When did the chassis last restart?
  • Is this system alarm normal, or is the system it about to crash?
  • Are all of my core registrars reachable?
  • Is this customer DoS blocked?
  • How do I troubleshoot encrypted signaling?
  • How can I see all SIP traffic to and from one customer’s site?
  • How often are we sending SIP 500 responses to INVITEs in the past month?
  • This GUI doesn’t show me real networking stuff like ARP tables. What are my options?