Training Regulations for Emergency Calling & Reliability (USA)


Managers and Engineers need to understand the legal requirements for Voice Telecommunication for Voice Service Providers in the United States. This class focuses on Emergency Calling - e911, Kari's Law, Ray Baum's Act, along with reliability requirements for emergency services and others. Learn the specific laws and regulations so you can design and operate your network within the law. Expert guidance for leaders and technicians, plus live Q&A with an attorney. This course is offered in collaboration with Marashlian and Donahue, the CommLaw group.  Graded Exams. Certificate Provided. 1 week / 2 class sessions / 4 PDH. Companion Course to ECGT5024

In-Person Training

On-site training at your location


  • Equip Engineers & Managers with awareness of all key regulations and the technical implications
  • Provide awareness and specifics of Emergency Calling (E911, NG911), including updates due to Kari's Law and RAY BAUM'S Act.
  • Ensure knowledge of regulations related to Reliability, including reporting implications due to 911 outages, outages affecting key locations including airports, nuclear sites, and US Military clients
  • Relationship of state and federal regulations affecting telecom engineering


Two Courses Available - Regulations Awareness for Engineering

Course Content

  • State vs Federal Regulations on Voice Service Providers
  • Basic E911 requirements 
  • One-Way VoIP 911 requirements
  • Kari's Law - Multi Line Telephone System (MLTS) Definition
  • Kari's Law - Direct Outdial Requirements
  • Defining "Fixed VoIP" and "Nomadic VoIP"
  • Current-technology examples of Fied VoIP and Nomadic VoIP
  • RAY BAUM'S Act - Overview
  • Dispatchable Location
  • Technical methods to provide dispatchable location
  • Central Notification Requirement
  • Technical methods to implement Central notification
  • 24-hour emergency power requirement 
  • Outage Reporting - Overview
  • Implications of Outage reporting requirements on network engineer
  • Requirements for Discontinuing Services 

Course Contributors

Mark R Lindsey, MS, Senior Member of Technical Staff, ECG

Robert H. Jackson, Special Counsel, Marashlian & Donahue: The CommLaw Group

Christine ("Chris") McLaughlin, Senior Managing Attorney, Marashlian & Donahue: The CommLaw Group

Linda H. McReynolds, Of Counsel, Marashlian & Donahue: The CommLaw Group

Key Skills

E911 Requirements for VoIP

Kari's Law


Outage Reporting