Training Regulations for Privacy, Call Routing, and Robocalling-SHAKEN/STIR (USA)


Managers and Engineers need to understand the legal requirements for Voice Telecommunication. Get up-to-date expertise on regulations related to privacy, confidentiality, and nuisance calling including SHAKEN/STIR, CPNI, HIPAA, CCPA, and CALEA. Expert guidance for leaders and technicians, plus live Q&A with an attorney. This course is offered in collaboration with Law Firm Marashlian and Donahue, the CommLaw group.  Graded Exams. Certificate Provided. 1 week / 2 class sessions / 4 PDH. Companion Course to ECGT5022

In-Person Training

On-site training at your location



  • Equip Engineers & Managers with awareness of all key regulations and the technical implications
  • Privacy. Cover key regulations and laws related to privacy, including 1934 Telecom Act (as amended), CPNI, HIPAA, GDPR (European calling parties), CCPA & California Call Recording (California calling parties), along with technical factors.
  • Lawful Intercept. Introduce key requirements for LI in the USA, including CALEA, and engineering factors and options.
  • Call Routing. Cover regulations affecting call routing and signaling, including Rural Call Completion, ringback and calling party signaling along with SIP signaling requirements, automated dialing on cellular, and the Intermediate Provider Registry.
  • Robocalling and SHAKEN/STIR. Introduce SHAKEN/STIR technically, the Traced Act and rules in place. 
  • International VoIP. Regulations on providing service via VoIP to locations outside USA.


Two Courses Available - Regulations Awareness for Engineering


Course Content


  • 1934 Telecom Act
    • Relationship to Packet Captures 
    • Relationships to Logging of Calls
  • Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI)
    • What must be protected
    • Password protection requirement
    • Handling CPNI Breaches (disclosures, exfiltration)
  • Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA)
    • Overview: Who is covered
    • How HIPAA applies to Voice Service Providers
    • "But I thought Voice wasn't covered by HIPAA": Voicemail, auto attendant, caller ID, and other "advanced" features
    • Technical Implications
  • European Union GDPR 
    • Overview
    • When it applies to US Voice Service Providers
    • Technical Implications
  • California Call Recording Law
    • Overview
    • When does it apply?
    • Call Recording is a popular UCaaS feature
    • Warn Before Recording
  • California Consumer Protection Act
    • When does it apply to Voice Service Providers


Lawful Intercept

  • Overview of "Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act" (CALEA)
  • Achieving "Unobtrusiveness"
  • Does CALEA require certain network engineering?
  • Getting access to CALEA featues and software
  • Designating personnel
  • Beyond CALEA - Threatening Calls


Call Routing

  • Intermediate Providers Registry & Requirements
  • Blocking Calls - When is it allowed?
  • Modifying Caller ID
  • Modifying Ringback - SIP regulations on 180, 183, 200, 100 responses
  • Default Call Blocking
  • Automated calling into cellular networks
  • Telephone Local Number Portability (LNP)
  • Reassigned Numbers Database
  • International VoIP Services


Robocalling & SHAKEN/STIR

  • Overview of SHAKEN/STIR
  • How SHAKEN/STIR Works Technically
  • Review of SIP headers
  • Robocalling Mitigation Plan
  • Regulatory and technical implications and implementatio

Course Contributors

Mark R Lindsey, MS, Senior Member of Technical Staff, ECG

Robert H. Jackson, Special Counsel, Marashlian & Donahue: The CommLaw Group

Christine ("Chris") McLaughlin, Senior Managing Attorney, Marashlian & Donahue: The CommLaw Group

Linda H. McReynolds, Of Counsel, Marashlian & Donahue: The CommLaw Group

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